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Mini Creel Rack for a Continuous Warp System From an Old Crib

Summer is winding down - It's already the 26th of August 2015

I have had my regular continuous warp system for about three years, now, and it has saved me untold hours of drudgery. I love, love, love weaving rugs on that loom.

Recently I decided to weave a large number of place mats (Christmas is coming, and there are many people to weave for). I didn't need another big creel rack, but I definitely wanted to avoid messing around with my workshop loom. I haven't gotten around to putting a sectional beam on it, and I'm not sure I want to.

I wrapped the warp beam with the same 280 grit emory cloth that I bought for my original continuous warp system. I used the spray-on rubber cement again, and it went very quickly, and neatly.

I picked up a free crib at a yard sale, and found it to be a wonderful hardwood. After drilling 106 holes into it, I pounded eight inch long dowels through each hole. I used quarter inch dowels from an old kite collection - kites had pretty much bit-the-dust, but the dowels were fine. That gave me 212 spindles on which to place the spools. So that the spools wouldn't 'walk' off the spindles as they unwound (since the spindles were horizontal) I placed a large thumbtack into the end of each dowel - which slightly tipped the outside end of the spools up, thus keeping them on their dowel.

So far, so good. The issue I am having after getting it all set up with a trial warp (only 50 yards) is that since I needed 280 threads I tried winding two threads onto each spool.

Furthermore, I had to randomly cross each set of ten threads for a random color run, and although a little crossing shouldn't normally be a problem, I am getting too many tangles here, and have to fiddle with the warp threads every time I advance my warp. Next time I will cut my cardboard tubes in half, so that I can make adjustments if necessary.

All in all it is working out very well. I like the portability of the rack, and the small area I can fit both the loom and creel rack into.

I would welcome hearing from anyone who has done, or thought about doing, something similar to this.

Weave on, Pat