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Necktie Hand Woven Chair Seat

It's the 2nd of July and time to be sitting out on the porch. But those old plastic seats and backs on the patio chairs have disintegrated. Sitting on them would be asking for trouble.

Enter old silk, wool, and polyester ties! In just one afternoon I managed to finish the first chair. It looks great; and is incredibly strong. I'm positive it will outlast the plastic by many a year.

There are many ways to weave a seat like this, and many sites on the web that give detailed instructions, so I won't try to do that here, but I just want to encourage anyone whose tempted to give it a try. Go ahead and do it. I didn't follow anyone's directions - just hand sewed the first necktie to the corner of the chair, and after sewing all the ties end to end I simply started going over - under; over - under; over - under...

I did not cut any of the ties, nor did I alter them in any way. Simply grabbed them, sewed them end to end, and started weaving the chair seat. For the back of the chair I folded each tie in half and attached it to the top back of the chair with a lark's head knot. I then took the two tails and brought them around the bottom rung, back up to the top rung (bringing one tail over the top rung), and tying them with a square knot at the back of the chair. I did not trim any of the tails. This could have been done in a number of ways, and I will probably experiment with a different technique on the next chair. The only rule with this kind of thing is that there are no rules. Just have fun with it.

I will admit that I strained some muscle in my hand pulling really hard on the ties. They need to be extremely taut. I'm sure it will feel fine by morning, and I will be able to do the other chair tomorrow. It really was fun.

Have a fun filled, safe summer!