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Reviews from Visitors & Customers of Hand Woven Rugs Studio

I try very hard to tailor my lessons to each individual client. I have never had a person come to weave that I did not enjoy. It is always so much fun seeing the weaving experience through another person's eyes. I also very much enjoy the people who just come to take a tour, and talk about the looms and weaving. There is always time for a visitor!

Here's what people had to say after visiting, weaving, or buying a rug from me:

May 2015


The rugs are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT!!! I can never thank you enough!! Thank you so very much for your efforts to make the rugs for me!! They are just GREAT!!!

Your card was so beautiful as well and I agree-it does seem like we are old friends!!

28 April 2015 - I truly don't know how to say thank you for all your time, hard work and efforts to create rugs for me! I am so thankful to find a gifted rug maker willing to look for my colors! What a generous sacrifice. Thanks again, Pat!

Teresa Texas

What wonderful productivity, chat-chat and good fun I had
at your "House of Looms" Thank you so much.
Your gentle teaching, stories and modeling produced two
beautiful rugs out of a bag of scraps. Amazing!

Beverly Oregon

Hi Pat,
Thanks, it is so much fun working with you!!!

Barbara California

Thank you Pat for taking the time to take pictures for me. They are all beautiful. You are a dear and I am very happy to have bought from you and I look forward to getting the rug. Blessings to you,

Nina Colorado

Hi Pat,
I so enjoyed touring all your loom rooms on Saturday.

Colleen California

Pat, What a treat to get a tour of your weaving looms. I especially enjoyed seeing your Rio Grande walking loom. I will be back to give weaving a try!

Jo Washington

Pat, You are such a patient teacher! I love my rug. Thank you, thank you!

Sabrina Northern California