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  "Earth & Sky"          $130

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Size: 29'' x 72''  (74 cm x 133 cm)               only one available

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Pendleton virgin wool


A thick luxurious Pendleton wool rug. Shades of brown, tan, and a blue/grey are accented with inlays of a blue double-knit. The hemmed finish gives this rug a clean line.

This is a go-anywhere rug. It is a restful color, that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Washing direction:

Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle. Avoid the spin cycle. Air dry flat, or hang over a railing. Keep out of direct sunlight. Shake only when rug is dry, holding as much rug as possible with both hands to distribute the weight. Do not shake by holding just the corners - grab a large area in the middle of the rug. It can also be hung over a line, or railing, and gently 'beaten' to loosen dirt, and fluff. Remember, wool shrinks by agitation - never put in a dryer, even on an air only cycle. Wool is an incredibly durable fiber, and will give you many years of service with good care. If you live long enough to wear out one of these rugs, it can be re-woven, and can look amazingly good. Warp threads wear out long before the weft is ready to retire.