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  "Grey on Grey"          $90

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Size: 31'' x 44''  (79 cm x 112 cm)               only one available

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A light grey warp of a cotton/poly blend with a darker grey weft of a denim-like fabric.

This rug is made up of all new materials. the "caterpillars" in the rug are scraps from the Solmate Sock mill.

The selvage warp threads are tripled for long lasting durability; and all warp threads are doubled.

Measurements are taken without the fringe.

Washing direction:

Wash in cool water on a gentle cycle. Avoid the spin cycle. Air dry flat, or hang with good support (like over a porch railing). Keep out of direct sunlight. Shake only when dry, and hold as much of the rug as possible in your hands while shaking (do not shake while holding just a couple corners - take big handfuls of the side).