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  "Blue Flannel"          $50

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Size: 24'' x 35''  (61 cm x 89 cm)               only one available

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100% cotton weft on a strong cotton/poly glen warp. This fabric started out as a king size duvet, which, it seems, no adult wanted to use - including me; so here it is up cycled into a sweet rug.

Approximately 2' by 3' without the fringe. This rug would go well in a nursery with its subtle hints of pink and yellow.

Washing direction:

Wash in cool water on a gentle cycle. Avoid the spin cycle. Air dry flat, or hang with good support (like over a porch railing). Keep out of direct sunlight. Shake only when dry, and hold as much of the rug as possible in your hands while shaking (do not shake while holding just a couple corners - take big handfuls of the side).