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Hand Woven Rugs Weaving Studio in Redding CA owned by Pat Monié

Handwoven Rug Studio in Redding, CA

Redding, CA sits at the top of the Central Valley of California. It rests along the Sacramento River, and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. We have lived on the edge of this beautiful town for 29 years, and have a weaving studio in our home, or I should say, a weaving studio has gradually taken over our home.

Nine different looms.

I currently own six large floor looms - including three antique, two harness rug looms, a pair of jack looms, and my biggest loom - an eight harness countermarche loom.  A small counterbalance folding floor loom that is especially useful for place mats and table runners is handy for taking to demonstrations. Lastly a couple table top rigid heddle looms, and a Navajo loom that I built myself complete my loom collection.

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Rug weaving
- Rag rugs, Pendleton woolen rugs, thrice-used Egyptian cotton and more

My Hand woven Rug Studio specializes in creating designer area rugs made from recycled textiles.
I travel to Pendleton, Oregon to buy pure virgin wool 'loom waste', grown, and processed in the USA, directly from the famous woolen mill. I also weave with scraps from a sock/hat/scarf factory in North Carolina who themselves start with recycled t-shirts (I love thrice-used Egyptian cotton!). There are so many ways of weaving a rug out of old jeans, and I relish experimenting with them. If you would like to know more about the materials, please see the material page.

Every rug has a history (Memorial rugs).

Each rug that I hand weave carries its own story. Sometimes it is simply that the material is recycled. Many times the cloth has come from a very special place, or is quite old. In each case I try to tell the whole story. My favorite is the woolen rugs made from field trousers worn by American soldiers in the Korean War. My brother-in-law was in Korea when he was just 19 years old. I wove a rug out of the field trousers for him, and it was such a moving experience. The rug seemed to have a personality. Who knows what those pants saw so many years ago. If you own a rug made from Pendleton loom waste, its story will grow as it ages. Many years from now someone will wonder what went on in that rug's life; what stories it is holding.

Hand Woven Rugs Studio is open to anyone interested in visiting.

You are invited to vsit my studio and see, feel, and step on the rugs in my collection (the wool also smells so good). I will show you how the rugs are made and maybe you would like to give weaving a try - I will help you every step of the way.

Give your loved one a gift cerfificate for a day's weaving as a present!

My motto is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."