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Hand Woven Rugs Weaving Studio in Redding CA owned by Pat Monié

Hand Woven Rugs Studio is open to anyone interested in visiting.

You are invited to vsit my studio and see, feel, and step on the rugs in my collection (the wool also smells so good). You will see how the rugs are made. You are welcome to just have a look around, or maybe you would like to give weaving a try - schedule a day of weaving where I will help you every step of the way while you weave your very own rug.

I will teach you how to weave a rug Weave your own rug in my studio

I keep a loom warped for anyone wishing to give weaving a try for the first time, or for any weaver who isn't able to own a loom (or just hates the drudgery of dressing a loom), but would like to weave by the hour, or day. 

Come to my studio for a day of weaving. You will leave with a rug that is approximately 2 feet wide by 4 feet long. No previous experience is necessary. 

I will have the loom all ready for you to weave on, and you may bring your own weft material (old crib sheets, baby blankets, sweaters, shirts, bedspreads, ... ), or choose from my stash (I have cottons, wools, colored sheets, Pendleton wool, etc.).

If you have never used a loom before, I will instruct you, and give whatever help you need along the way. If you are already a weaver, you can just get started, or have a refresher coarse.

A Typical Day of Weaving

Student arrives around 9 am and we spend 1-2 hours touring the studio and becoming acquainted with the equipment, and discussing rug weaving possibilities.
The weaving begins - first the weft is wound onto shuttles. We will talk about color, patterns, and weave structure.
I will demonstrate as much or as little as the student wishes.
We will break for a simple country lunch - usually homemade soup with home baked bread.
The afternoon will give you plenty of time to finish weaving your rug.
Finally you will cut your rug from the loom, and we will finish the ends.
Take that beautiful rug home and show it off!

Sample rates:

$50 - a new weaver to hand weave a Pendleton wool rug on a handcrafted, antique loom, warped with doubled warp threads. Approximate size of rug will be 2 x 3 feet.
Country lunch will be provided.

$25 - a day of weaving by an experienced weaver using my equipment and warp. You will provide your own weft. The loom will be dressed with doubled warp ends at 6 epi. (Pendleton wool may be purchased @ $3/lb.)

Give your loved one a gift cerfificate for a day's weaving as a present!

My motto is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."