logo barefoot hand woven rugs of Pat Monie, Redding, CA


Materials worth your Bare Feet:

- Soft and Warm
- Environmentally Friendly
- Breath taking for feet and eyes
- Durable, high quality

Cotton -

Cotton comes in many forms. My personal favorite for weaving is the Egyptian cotton factory scraps that are so soft, and thick. These T-shaped knit pieces are very labor intensive to prepare for weaving, but are worth all the effort when you step onto the incredibly thick, soft rug with your bare feet. 

The classic old blue jean rugs are as popular now as they were forty years ago. There is just something mesmerizing about soft, old, blue jeans. Comfort for the feet, and soothing to the eye.Talking about classics; who can help but feel nostalgic when they see a 'hit and miss' rug made from old sheets? Just like grandma had.

scraps of cotton heads -› thread made out of scraps -› result a colorful cotton rug

Wool -

Wool, the miracle fiber. Resilient, strong, and it will keep you warm even if it is wet. That's why the Irish fishermen wore wool sweaters. Revive a wool scatter rug with just a few shakes over the porch railing. It will be all fluffed up again, waiting to pamper your bare feet. Pendleton Woolen Mill loom waste is a perfect fiber to recycle into an area rug. They weave up into a dense, thick, comforting rug. These will help renew your tired legs. Notice the photos where we put a quarter next to the edge of the rug so you could see for yourself how thick they are. Often I will incorporate some old woolen clothing into these luxurious rugs to give them a little history - a little interest. That nice dress that Aunt Gertie wore to Adam's graduation can really set off a Pendleton wool rug.

Special pride is taken when preparing old clothing for weaving. There is real joy in salvaging a shrunk up lamb's wool sweater, or grampa's favorite plaid winter milking jacket. I aim for total use - nothing goes to waste if I can help it. These are the rugs that fairly shout, "I have a history! Listen to my story! Run your fingers over me. Walk on me with your bare feet. There are plenty of years left in me. Stand on me with your feet bare; feel it."

Pendleton scraps - ready to weave -› needs to be replaced

Men's Ties -

Ties make an interesting wall hanging, or rug. I make these for a local thrift store to raffle off as a fund raiser. They are quite thick, and stiff, and quite the conversation piece. They look great on the wall with all the ends sticking out a few inches on each side. They can be a challenge to weave as the length of the ties determine the width of the finished weaving, and the loom must be warped accordingly. These make a wonderful memorial wall hanging, and a photo can easily be attached to the front for a really striking tribute. You can see an example of one on the collection page. They are a special order item.

Other -

Generally I prefer not to weave with man made fibers, but, as in life, there are exceptions. First, and foremost, is fleece. Years ago I hated polyester, but baby, you've come a long way. A friend of mine, whose mother was in a nursing home, made a fleece wrap for every resident in the nursing home. Afterwards, she gave me all the selvage edges. So many wonderful colors! I put some pretty wild colors together, and, wow! not only were they eye candy, but so soft to walk on that you wondered they weren't cotton candy. These rugs wash well, and wear like iron. It's hard to argue with success. My two-year-old granddaughter has one of these rugs, and she calls it her dancing rug. Whenever she steps onto it her little bottom starts going to and fro. Makes me want to dance, too.